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Taco Tuesday!!

I remember the first time I made taco's for my boyfriend at the time and myself and I purchased a store bought taco seasoning pack. He was not a super fan of spice or spicy food. He found it to spicy and it was the mild pack. That's when I decided to work on making my own version which he could handle.

The thing with spice rubs is to know what spices work with which foods. Spices are used to enhanced the flavor of your food. If we never used spices we would eat the most boring and bland food. How boring would that be if every country in the world ate the exact same food the exact same way.

Momma's Pantry Taco Seasoning is a super mild, it's perfect to use as an introduction to spice for your children or for someone who isn't big on spice food but still wants to enjoy Taco Tuesday!

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